About Us

About Us


To be an innovative and sustainable forum for restoring human dignity and transforming lives


Consolidation of resources and ideas for positive transformation of society

Core Values

  • Servant Leadership,
  • Mentorship
  • Integrity and Role Modeling
  • Teamwork and Mutual Accountability
  • Generosity

Know about the Eagles Network

The Fountain Enterprises Programme (FEP) is founded on a strong organizational culture that holds on to the basic need for a cohesive society. Our Programmes not only have an economic impact but we seek a much wider ideal, which is a world of dignity for all. It is 2 in the spirit of advancing this cause that the Eagles Club International (ECI) was established in 2009. The main objective for Eagles Club International, was to create a league of Eagles who are sensitive to the needs of society especially the less privileged and who give create
a cohesive society. The ECI is dedicated to charity and mentorship, with the Eagles working in close collaboration with the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of FEP, the FEP Foundation, to achieve its vision ‘to be an innovative and sustainable forum for restoring human dignity and transforming lives’.


Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they will- Pythagoras

To this end, the ECI comprises of men and women of our time, who are investors and have made a deliberate decision to be change agents in our society through innovative and sustainable charity and mentorship programmes. Our key objectives are centered on networking, Godly principles, social fellowships, business and professional mentorship. We are aptly titled because our values are solidly embedded in the admirable characteristics of an eagle. We live to make a difference in society by perpetuating eagleness in our day to day activities and overall management of the Club

The ECI is a visionary platform based on the solid foundations of its mother companyFountain Enterprises Programme which from inception had a bold vision to transform livelihoods. With a visionary mind FEP put in place systems and structures that brought Kenyans from all walks of life, regional distribution, clergy, and Kenyans in the Diaspora together to form a distinguished body which aims to help Kenyans create sustainable wealth and at the same time uplift the clergies name in Kenya. Through the years, the Programme has grown and transformed the way business operations are carried out in Kenya. It currently has a membership of hundreds of thousands with its key agenda being to transform the society to one where people are not driven to create wealth in the material sense but also use their wealth in the kingdom of God, through individual and corporate philanthropy.

The vision carried by FEP and in turn by the ECI, is not an ordinary vision but rather a philosophy that is distinctive and set in high standards. The ECI attracts membership from 3 different clusters of givers and is in essence a conglomerate in its own right. The ECI stands out for its boldness and uniqueness of operations. It is run through a rigorous process and its core values raise the bar on how its funds and operations are managed. Its core values of mutual accountability and integrity help keep things in order and ensure its place as an admirable club. Not only is the ECI keen to employ sound business practices but it is also keen to attract a tested membership always standing for the truth in the uplifting of Godly values in its membership.

The ECI is not apologetic of its Christian beliefs, and endeavors to be associated with the word of God. It audaciously stands on the firm belief that the power to generate ideas, capacity to create wealth and prosperity is tied to God the vision and wealth giver. This message is preached unapologetically to its membership, and in all its Programmes. In this spirit the club is keen to ensure a membership that stands on these strong principles. This measure ensures a likeminded fellowship devoted to enhancing the cause of transformation

In the spirit of freshness the ECI is a pioneer in innovative strategies. Its visionary membership is not afraid to venture out of the ordinary paths and create new avenues in operations and for giving back. When a project is identified and sanctioned, a unique, yet sustainable approach is quickly enlisted. This freshness not only serves to create new markets but also furnishes their endeavors with a competitive edge allowing them to penetrate and dominate the market.

Any new organization is bound to face critical opposition and criticism. The case has not been different for the ECI. Irrespective of these challenges, the Club has not been swayed or deterred from its intended purpose. The membership and leadership are well equipped to withstand these storms, and in fact they embrace the adversity as a storm through which their character and capacity will be tested and passed. In a clear-headed state the Club appreciates that new things raise opposition because they are difficult to identify, leaving opposition as the most basic reaction. An African proverb declares that nobody throws 4 stones at a fruitless tree. And therefore being discussed usually means that you are going somewhere. Again, no one ever discusses those behind them; it’s always the person ahead that bears the brunt of discussion. The clear vision, mission affords the ECI a tough skin amidst adversity. The ECI understands the truth and appreciates that ‘He who stands in truth shall not be swayed’.